About Elnor Furniture

Like any other family business in the world, we have a similar story of development inherited from three generations of wood working craftsmen. It all started in 1918 in the Deçan municipality and it was continued by our father until 1986 where we registered our first company “Ukaj” in Pejë.

Following the successful steps of “Ukaj Company” in innovation and production of quality doors and interior in 2007 we founded another brand called Elnor Furniture in Pristina.
In the new factory we moved the production of tables, chairs, kitchens, parquet and interior design.

A year later in 2008 we started the collaboration with the German company “Häfele” which supplies us with accessories, fittings and architectural hardware. Seeing our capacity and quality, they gave us the rights to become their sole representative in the Kosovo market and we have been using their products in all of our production.

The focus of our company in all these years is and will be the development of human capital and modern technology of production. With total production area of 13000m2 in two locations with high production capacity, ELNOR Furniture is dominant in the local market, also as a company we have managed to penetrate successfully in establishing partnership in other countries such as: Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Switzerland Germany, Finland, Ireland, Denmark and Luxembourg. Now our group is combined of Ukaj Company, Elnor Furniture,Elnor swiss and Häfele and two other brands which are not part of this industry. Our presence in the local market is around 37% and we have exports in countries like: Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia, Switzerland, Germany, Finland, Ireland, Denmark and Luxembourg.

Our mission and vision statement

Focusing on the demands and needs of our clients providing them with highest quality and service, mixture of expertise and human capital, innovation and investment in the technology are the primary strengths of our company.

Vision statement

To be a domestic market leader in the furniture industry and aim to gain as much presence as we can in the regional and international market.

“Where quality, beauty and style are crystal clear”.

Elnor Furniture