Our Identity

An Exquisite Fusion of Artistry, Vision, and Timeless Sophistication



ELNOR is a family story.

It was born in Kosovo in 1918, building on the extended family tradition of woodworking masters, and today it is run by the third generation.

The original artisan character of woodworking changed rapidly when Mr. Sheqer Ukaj in 1986 took over the company’s lead and gave it it’s current corporate feeling by guiding it through the growth and expansion towards international markets. His mission was first to meet the demands of the local market by producing high-quality furniture. His dedication and commitment have fully contributed to achieving the desired success relatively quickly.

Starting from the diversity of products for residential spaces, restaurants, and hotels, the company gradually develops home furniture lines, with particular attention to details, color combinations, and finishes.

The war in Kosovo during the years 1997-1999 caused all assets and our production lines to be destroyed. Therefore, the post-war period in Kosovo influenced a very rapid development. The 2000s recorded a tremendous demand for wood products, and therefore in 2002, we invested in the chair production line. Today, the company has over 70 models of chairs and all kinds of suitable furniture, with 60 % exported internationally.

Today, our furniture collection is characterized by a discreet elegance, made of basic shapes, accurate quality in the details, refined materials and finishes, delicate fabrics, and leathers to offer the customer a quality product with a contemporary design and timeless elegance.



ELNOR is a modern and dynamic company offering customers high-quality products and collaborates with architects, interior designers, and contractors to find exclusive furniture solutions.

The company’s story is rich in personal experiences and human values, making it valuable in its sector.

The relationship that often arises between the client and our creative team goes beyond the simple supply, resulting in a positive and continuous exchange of stimulating ideas and innovative proposals for furnishing.

​Our strengths

​Our strengths

– One hundred years of experience in the sector with highly specialized workers.

– Ability to produce customized furniture based on different projects.

– Comprehensive collections with different styles covering the needs of the residential and hospitality sectors.

– Guarantee compliance with delivery times and project specifications.

– Certification of the internal Quality System control and management according to the international standards ISO 9001 and PEFC.



​Quality and sustainability have always been the company’s priorities.

All our staff are committed to respecting the highest quality and service standards daily.

​With full respect for the environment, the entire production process is manufactured by highly specialized local craftsmen with great skill and competence, always to guarantee a superior quality for our products.